Are you planning for significant growth?

... but wondering about the smartest (and calmest) way to get there?

Dear Business Leader!

If you have a business that is on a growth trajectory, you will no doubt have notice that what used to be small issues are becoming rather ugly obstacles. In addition, these issues seem to be everywhere and attempting to tackle them feels rather overwhelming. Where do you start?

So for instance, you may want to ...

  • upgrade your social media presence and truly see an impact
  • create a promotion plan to achieve your targets that does not leave everyone frazzled when it's finished
  • set up an employee induction process that ensures they receive a warm welcome and have a great experience
  • design a new customer onboarding journey that WOW's and delights your customers in becoming ambassadors
  • set up joint venture promotions with partners that effortlessly bring in new customers
  • provide excellent customer service to retain customers for years to come
  • ... and replicate, automate and systematize any processes so you are able to focus on your core business.  

To add to the above, 2020 put a few spanners in the works and you no doubt will have had to make some changes to how you conduct your business. 

The obvious answer is that you cannot tackle all the areas of improvement in one go. There is however a way of divide-and-conquer that will help you, quarter by quarter to set up the structures, systems and excellence you want your business to stand for. 

This management methodology is referred to as 'Agile', and what was once the domain of tech start-up companies is now being applied to all business activities. This new approach will put your business in a position to thrive and conquer changes with ease and speed.

Introducing: Scrum for Leaders™

Scrum is an agile framework that empowers your team to consistently improve their productivity, work enjoyment and flow by eliminating wasteful activities and focusing on activities that create the most meaningful outputs.

Scrum is especially successful in situations where you want to

  • increase performance without overwhelming your team
  • decrease micro-management so you get back your time
  • consistently deliver on business goals such as those identified above
  • create quick feedback loops to see what's working and what's not
  • and if things do go pear-shaped, to fail fast so you move on quickly

The major benefits of using Scrum for Leaders are:

  • Just-in-time Planning
  • Work on high priority tasks at all times
  • Focus without being side-tracked
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Flexibility and Change
  • Self-Managing Teams

It is exciting to see how the Scrum framework is changing the world of Business towards Agile Leadership.

Below is an outline as to how I can assist you to implement this proven system that keeps your team focused on the highest priority activities and sees your business thrive. 

I look forward to working with you achieve maximum results.


Achieve results - one step at a time

The Scrum for Leaders™ methodology is a system developed to help you as a business leader achieve your targets in quarterly increments.

In a combination of workshop planning sessions and follow-up meetings, I'll support you and your team to 

  • confirm your Company Roadmap to act as a Vision for the team
  • optionally conduct Team member profile debriefs to ensure each person is aligned with their flow
  • support self-selected employee-intrapreneurs with ways to add value to your business
  • prepare quarterly business / promotion plans that feed into your Company's Roadmap
  • plan out the first implementation cycle to set each team member up to succeed
  • explain the management framework that allows your team to transparently deliver results thereby freeing up your time, and
  • provide follow-up sessions to help you and your team evaluate and adjust the system to make it work for your company.

No business functions the same way and a single solution won't fit every situation. This is especially true for establishing a system and rhythm that is aligned with your company's culture to continuously produce high performing results.

The first step is to understand what you want to achieve.

Schedule a discovery call if you are ready to increase your team's engagement and performance and meet your company's targets.

I look forward to helping you achieve the business results you want.

What People say ...


As a digital entrepreneur I’m facing several challenges as I’m moving forward to manifest my goals. One of them is to prioritize my tasks, so that I can focus on my daily activities in realizing my goals. Another one is to have a clear overview, an eagle's eye perspective of all the tasks that I’m planning to do.

Ute's program has helped me to overcome these challenges - in a big way. What I learnt from this system is that simple, daily tasks could help me to regain clarity and focus. I loved to break down my goal for the 3-month period in doable, daily activities and have a clear overview of what I’m actually doing.

The exercise with jotting down the tasks on post-it notes and putting them on the wall really supported me in getting things done. I cherished the moments when I could check a finished task each time.

Ute Lambrecht is a dedicated, kind and wholehearted leader who is here to serve. She’s highly committed to help you reaching your goals.

Kim H

Before I used this program, I had spent 4 months not achieving my goal of creating and marketing a new service.

This system gave me a structure that I could put in place to achieve my goal. It also made me think about who was doing what tasks and making sure that I was not doing things that other people could be doing. After two and a half months the service is set up and ready to go and the marketing went live today.

This system was simple and effective and enabled me to achieve in 2 1/2 months what I had not been able to do in the 4 months before.

Knowing that Ute was always available if needed was reassuring. I would recommend this program to anyone who has a goal and wants to achieve it. I can now use this system for all my future goals.

Georgie H

I had read "Scrum - the art of doing twice the work in half the time," and implemented what I knew in my Promotion Plan.

And then I had a session with Ute.

She brought everything to life and honed what I was doing. Her passion for Scrum and finding a more effective way to succeed in your project is intoxicating.

If you want to do twice the work in half the time in your business, Ute is definitely the one to call.

Marie R

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to benefit not only from Ute's years of experience, but also from all of the great resources she took the time and energy to create to better the chances of my success with this model.

This has made all the difference in the world for me!

You can tell that Ute is very passionate about her work and most of all has a genuine desire to be of service to the people she connects with.

A world of thanks for your assistance Ute!

DeBorah B