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Ute Lambrecht

My name is Ute Lambrecht.

For over 20 years, I managed large technical IT projects, mainly for the Government and Energy sectors. 

Of course, I heard about Crypto and Web3 topics over the years. I also felt I should educate myself on what was happening in this space. You would think I would find this new world a breeze to navigate with my technical background.


Whenever I thought of reading up on this subject, I felt overwhelmed. I didn't have the capacity to dive down what seemed an endlessly inter-connected tunnel called the Crypto rabbit hole. I searched for courses to help me understand this space but could not find any that resonated with me.

And then I heard about Smart Contracts.

I had one of those 'OMG - Stop the World' moments. This will change our lives, and I want to understand how!

This insight motivated me to take a deep breath and dive head-first into the depths of the Crypto and Web3 world.

One year later and counting ...

The journey was not straightforward. After six months of trying to figure things out, enduring many frustrating moments due to the clunkiness of a young technology, and coming up against yet another dead-end, I decided to take my learnings and create the course I wish I had access to when I first started.  

That is how the CryptoBasics courses came into being.

I hope the courses give you an excellent grounding to confidently move forward in this new space.

Navigating Change

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