My work creates a FUTURE ...

where our Strengths are actively encouraged 

to make the best possible IMPACT in the World.


I work with company leaders who understand the importance of creating high engagement within their team. They are leaders who actively focus on

  • strength-based professional development
  • transparent company-wide and top-lead communication
  • outcome-based work so everyone understands why their work matters.

This leadership style supports their company in reaching their objectives and at the same time offers each person the opportunity to step into their flow and excellence. Truly a win-win combination. It is a leadership model that lends itself to what is now being called Business Agility or Agile Leadership.

Agile is a way of delivering benefit-driven results, allows for course correction and flexibility. Although agile concepts have been embraced by the technology sector for many years and with high success, the most powerful benefits will emerge when the whole company embraces this way of delivering value. Forward-thinking companies are taking the learning from technology companies on how to navigate uncertainty and implement this approach in their non-technical divisions. 

My mission is to help Business Leaders implement Agile tools such as Scrum to navigate a changing world, help individuals shine and achieve benefit-driven results.

How this work came about ...

Quite simply - through burnout.

When you do work that you love and which comes naturally to you, you don't experience stress or burnout. You are invigorated and excited and it feeds you to do more of the same. 

So, why are so many people disengaged, stressed and burned out? 

Most of the time they are not in their flow. They may have started in a career they enjoyed, but over time, their winning formula became their loosing formula.

Let me explain by using my story.

Early in my career, project management was very similar to business management. I had a team, a budget, and a business case to deliver an outcome. I loved my work and I was great at it. Every day was different; every day required me to face a new challenge and solve it using my intuition and my ability to create order from chaos.

Ute Lambrecht

Over time, project management methodologies and processes were introduced to standardize this career path to achieve consistent results. This was the best move for the industry, but in order for me to stay in my career, I had to tone down my natural talents and learn how to do work that met expectations. This misalignment inevitably lead to prolonged stress, which like millions of other professionals I promptly ignored because I considered delivering quality work to be more important than my health. I also started doubting my abilities; as I found out, my winning formula of being intuitive and creative is not a welcoming trait in a project manager.

When I took the Wealth Dynamic test, I had a light-bulb moment. 

I am a Creator on the Wealth Dynamics spectrum and my profile is not suited for a career in project management as it is defined today; in fact my talents are in opposition to what is required to manage projects well. This information made me realize that who I am is not the problem, but rather that the career had moved on and I should have made a change years ago.

Given my very personal experience, I want to help others who are facing a similar issue. I am now a Wealth and Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant and together with my experience in using Scrum and other Agile tools, I help businesses bring out the very best in each employee to create high performing, happy teams and at the same time apply a system to consitently deliver on company goals.

Professional Bio

Ute Lambrecht

Ute (pronounced Ootay) Lambrecht holds a BSc Degree in Computer Science and has over 20 years experience in delivering multi-million dollar IT projects for large Corporate, Higher Education and Government organizations with teams located across cities, countries and even continents.

Ute is also an accredited Mentor and Flow Consultant at the Entrepreneurs Institute and combines her mentoring with Agile project management methods to help forward-thinking Business Leaders create thriving teams who consistently deliver on high-impact business targets. 

In her spare time, Ute is an abtract artist who is running out of wall spaces to fill. Her other interests include self-development and entrepreneurship. 

She is a South African by birth, a German National and currently lives in Wellington, New Zealand. She conducts her work both in person as well as virtually via video conference.